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My story


I have always been an artist at heart. Some of my earliest memories are of building wood projects in the garage with my Dad or dreaming and drawing in my sketchpad. I am mostly self-taught through practice and passion, but I did have a few instrumental art teachers along the way.


In 2000 I started my Journeyman apprenticeship, and in 2003 received my Red Seal and became an official Journeyman welder. For ten years I built pump-jacks professionally while dabbling in metal bending and sculpture in my spare time.


In 2005, I got married to the love of my life on an ornate garden bridge that I designed and built from metal on the most beautiful day.


I've worked in many mediums and tried many techniques over the years: acrylic, oil, oil pastel, charcoal, scratchboard, watercolor, airbrushing, pencil, pen & ink, clay sculpture, photography, plaster, resin and metal sculpture. For many years I focused on creating realism in my art, but I've recently begun exploring the abstract. My newest pieces have a 3D effect with the use of plaster, acrylic paints, and resin.


The recent addition of a full-time art studio in my home has allowed me to upgrade my techniques and materials and has provided a quiet sanctuary for me to lose myself in my art and explore new media, methods and techniques.


Also to expand my skills and business I've started painting live in Paint Night sessions.  I hire myself out in these very social, fun events. 


With a lot of help and support from family, friends and my husband, I feel ready to share my artwork with the public, and try to make my dream of becoming a professional artist a reality.   I recently launched my Facebook page


When I'm not in my studio or welding shop, I am enjoying my three beautiful young children and my husband on our acreage located just outside small town Plamondon, Alberta. Which is close to Lac La Biche, AB 

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